Justinus Kerner

Justinus Andreas Christian Kerner (1786-1862) was a German medical writer and poet. He made inkblots, drew into them, and wrote poems about what he saw. Hermann Rorschach would certainly have been aware of him, and his book of inkblots and poems, Kleksographien. Following are inkblots from Justinus Kerner, and a photographic portrait of the poet and artist himself.

It looks like her drew into his inkblots with a brush and ink, rather than a pen. What do you think? I also especially like the idea of the inkblot that forms a kind of frame for words.

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5 Responses to Justinus Kerner

  1. Susan Zieger says:

    Thank you for posting these delightful images from Kerner. I am learning all I can about ink-gazing and inkblots in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Do you happen to know if there’s an English translation of Klecksographien?

    • inkblotgal says:

      Hi Susan, Four or five years ago I read translations of many of Justinus Kerner’s poetry on line, but in going back to see if I could find the link for you, I am unsuccessful. I will keep looking and keep you posted!

    • Anne-Marie says:

      The translation of Klecksographien is:
      Klecks – blob, stain,
      o is used as a filler to make it easier to pronounce the word,
      graphie – graphic, visual

      In German two or several words may be linked together to make a compound noun. It is the last of the two or several nouns that determines the gender of the word.
      In the case of Klecksographie the word is feminine, from Graphie.

      Alles Gute!

  2. Reneau Kennedy says:

    I have recently translated the 1857 Klecksographie into English and will be presenting findings at the Society for Personality Assessment in March 2015.

    • inkblotgal says:

      How wonderful! Good luck with your presentation. Will you be making copies available to the reading public? Can I swap you a copy of my book, Inkblot, Drip, Splat and Squish Your Way to Creativity?

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