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Inkblot is listed in Nancy Polette’s book:

The Brain Power Story Hour: Higher Order Thinking with Picture Books

“While many texts explore ways to plan and implement story times in both school and public libraries, until now no work has brought together extensive book talks and follow-up activities specifically designed to develop thinking skills in young children. This innovative study offers age-appropriate book suggestions with related questions and activities tailored to a variety of thinking skills, including verbal or linguistic thinking, divergent and creative thinking, analytical and mathematical thinking, visual or spatial thinking, and many others.” -from the description

The Brain Power Story Hour: Higher Order Thinking with Picture Books

Inkblot receives a Eureka! Silver Medal from  the California Reading Association at their recent fall Professional Development Institute. This list will be posted soon on the CRA website, The award is given to non-fiction books.

Inkblot Receives School Library Journal Starred Review!

“Peot takes inkblots out of the psychology class and into the art room…Peot’s enthusiasm is contagious and her ideas about using images to develop creativity are intriguing… The book is handsomely designed with a variety of background and font colors and printed on high-quality glossy paper. As Emberley popularized fingerprint art in Ed Emberley’s Complete Funprint Drawing Book, (Little, Brown, 2002), this book is likely to make teachers and artists catch the inkblot bug.” –Donna Cardon for School Library Journal

School Library Journal:


“… Upbeat, practical, and nearly irresistible, this may just be the go-to book on inkblot art.”

–       Booklist (American Library Association)      

Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books:

“No particular artistic skill is required to make a beautiful inkblot.” With this comforting and encouraging observation, kids of all levels of artistic ability and interest are invited to join the fun of creating a controlled mess and turning it into a project of surprising loveliness or bizarre imagination. Peot adroitly switches hats between art educator and muse, alternating technical lessons on producing various types of inkblots with tips on discerning patterns and images in what at first glance appears to be little more than shadowy chaos.”

-Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

 Providence Journal:

“Inkblot,” by Margaret Peot, also appeals to a wide age-range, with a target audience of upper-elementary and middle school. Even adults looking to stir their creativity will benefit from the instructions in this craft book that lead through a series of steps for turning inkblots into colorful creatures and landscapes. Peot showcases inkblots from historical figures like Victor Hugo and from children who clearly had a good time letting their ink and imaginations run wild.

-Providence Journal

The Sacramento Bee:

“With her witty, visual sense of humor and infectious creative spirit, she shows how a little ink, water and color can spark the brain into seeing shapes in waiting. Those shapes are waiting, of course, for a young artist (no artistic skill needed) to draw out his or her fantasy, be it a monster, dragon or butterfly.”

Read more:

-The Sacramento Bee

The Elliot Review:,_Author_of_The_Inkblot_Book/__Interview_with.html

(Interview with Margaret Peot)

Scripps Howard News Service:

“Real Finds Young Explorers can Chill Out with this Summer”


Inkblot Butterflies and More:

The Spring/Summer Issue of Kiki Magazine features fun things to make and do with inkblots


“I love the idea of how important it is to cultivate creativity through playfulness and this step by step book shows us left-brainers a great way to begin.”

Bookends, the Booklist Blog

“The inkblots, signed, sealed and delivered by the talented Ms. Peot, are a picture lover’s dream. They burst with enough color and creativity to whisk you back to that time in your childhood when your imagination galloped like a runaway horse. ”

Rita Lorraine for Picture Book Depot

Inkblot: Drip, Splat, and Squish Your Way to Creativity

Leonardo da Vinci saw landscapes and battles in the swirls of a marble wall. The novelist Victor Hugo splashed coffee and wine on paper and found castles and monsters in the spatters. Now, author Margaret Peot shows how anyone can use inkblots as keys to creativity.

For decades, the author has been using the inkblots she makes to spark her own creativity. Now she shares her insights and techniques in this beautiful treatment of the subject. From basic tips on paper and ink to advanced approaches for transforming splatters and ink blobs into works of art, she sets readers on a path to creating their own inkblots. Her enthusiastic text and step-by-step approach will encourage even the most reluctant artist, and her stunning artworks will inspire readers to create works that are uniquely their own.

In this book, geared to the preteen and teen set, kids will discover that inkblots are tools for overcoming creative blocks, for inspiring ideas, and for opening up avenues for creative expression. Anyone can use this fun and fascinating method to jump-start creative thought.

Each chapter features a step towards a more fluid relationship with the reader’s right brain:

1. Making Inkblots

2. Drawing Into Inkblots

3. How to Look, How to See

4. The Inkblot Sketchbook

5. The Final Fold

A beautifully illustrated guidebook, Inkblot contains simple methods designed to help The reader hone in on his or her creative path and discover their inner artist.  Margaret Peot’s greatest joy is helping anyone discover their creativity within.

Inkblot: Drip, Splat and Squish Your Way to Creativity by Margaret Peot

Boyds Mills Press $19.95

Contact: Andy Boyles at Boyds Mills Press

(570) 251-4502 or

Download Press Release: Inkblot Press Release

Inkblots and more–Come see my exhibition! January 21- February 27

Saint Peter’s Church  619 Lexington Ave. at 54th Street (entrance on 54th)

Opening Reception, and a sneak preview of the new Inkblot book:

January 31, 2011 6-8 PM

Make Your Mark: Explore Your Creativity and Discover Your Inner Artist

by Margaret Peot        Chronicle Books, 2004

Selection of Reviews:

Best Books of 2004 list, How-To Books – Library Journal


“What inspires you? What takes your breath away? What nurtures your artistic soul? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, the exercises in MAKE YOUR MARK will bring you to new adventures in your own work.” – Somerset Studio


“If you’ve ever felt the need for self-expression, but don’t think you possess any artistic ability, Margaret Peot’s MAKE YOUR MARK: Explore Your Creativity and Discover Your Inner Artist will give you all the confidence you need to start down the path of creativity.” – The Artists Sketchbook


“MAKE YOUR MARK would make a great “art club” book for groups of artist-wannabe’s who want to get together weekly to try a new project, as well as a wonderful gift for yourself or someone you know who you suspect may be hiding an artist deep inside.”

Download Information about Make Your Mark: Reviews for Make Your Mark

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