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Fe₂O₃ Glyphs by Craig Ward & Linden Gledhill

This is a kickstarter campaign to develop these ornamental typography pieces spontaneously generated using a magnetic ink. SO beautiful and very inkblot-y! The resultant images are available as a downloadable font, too–check it out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mrcraigward/fe2o3-glyphs-a-conceptual-ornamental-type-system Fe₂O₃ Glyphs – a conceptual, ornamental type … Continue reading

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Arts in Healthcare, Part 1: Huntsman Cancer Institute

Last week, I had the pleasure of flying to beautiful Utah, to Salt Lake City. It was gorgeous there–the natives told me that if I was only there for the spring, I would really see something special–this was considered the … Continue reading

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Inkblot is only TEMPORARILY out of stock!

Hello inkblot fans, I have been contacted by many who have expressed their sadness that they can’t buy Inkblot on line at the moment–or, there is one to buy on Amazon, but it is $900. But have no fear–Inkblot: Drip, … Continue reading

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Ink Blowing in a Sketchbook

  I had a bunch of ink that I inherited from my friend Frank and decided to play around with some of the colors–some so old I had never even seen them before. This is a large Moleskine sketchbook, landscape … Continue reading

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Justinus Kerner

Justinus Andreas Christian Kerner (1786-1862) was a German medical writer and poet. He made inkblots, drew into them, and wrote poems about what he saw. Hermann Rorschach would certainly have been aware of him, and his book of inkblots and … Continue reading

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Roundtable for Kids: Book review

Bob Walch reviews Inkblot for the Roundtable Reviews–books for kids, teens and tweens: “Margaret Peot not only illustrates how inkblots can be a source of artistic inspiration but also how they can take an individual’s creativity to new heights…This hands-on … Continue reading

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Creative Aging Inkblot Workshop: Part One, Making Inkblots

This week is The Creative Center Training Institute for Artists and Administrators in Creative Aging conference. Yesterday, Dr. Jerry Levine, geriatrician and photographer, spoke in the morning about how health care needs change as we age, showing his wonderful black … Continue reading

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