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Arts in Healthcare, Part 1: Huntsman Cancer Institute

Last week, I had the pleasure of flying to beautiful Utah, to Salt Lake City. It was gorgeous there–the natives told me that if I was only there for the spring, I would really see something special–this was considered the … Continue reading

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Inkblot is only TEMPORARILY out of stock!

Hello inkblot fans, I have been contacted by many who have expressed their sadness that they can’t buy Inkblot on line at the moment–or, there is one to buy on Amazon, but it is $900. But have no fear–Inkblot: Drip, … Continue reading

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Ink Blowing in a Sketchbook

  I had a bunch of ink that I inherited from my friend Frank and decided to play around with some of the colors–some so old I had never even seen them before. This is a large Moleskine sketchbook, landscape … Continue reading

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Face in the Slate

On a morning walk to Ft Tryon Park in upper Manhattan, the beautiful blue slate around Margaret Corbin Circle began to reveal its secrets! I took pictures, printed them out, and drew into them (lest anyone think I have started … Continue reading

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Eureka! Silver Medal

Inkblot: Drip, Splat and Squish Your Way to Creativity wins a 2011 Eureka! Silver Medal for Non-Fiction Children’s Books, given by the California Readers Association! Thanks to the team at Boyds Mills Press for making me look so good!

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Creative Aging Inkblot Workshop: Part Three, Drawing Into Inkblots

  In the third part of the workshop, participants looked at their own inkblots, now dry, and began to draw. The first step is to draw around what one sees with a black pen, and the second step is to … Continue reading

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